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What We Offer

Services at MRFTT

The Medical Research Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago (MRFTT) provides a comprehensive suite of services for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).
There are also specialized clinic services offered on a monthly basis and these aim to meet the unique needs of individuals.


Services at MRFTT are free of charge to clients. In addition to medical and nursing services, there is an onsite pharmacy and laboratory as well as phlebotomy (blood taking), psycho-social and peer support services offered on site.

At clinic appointments, clients may be seen by one or more of the doctors, nurses, Medical Social Workers or patient advocates.

New clients can come as “Walk-In” during clinic hours. “Treat all” is the treatment protocol being used at MRFTT. It means that all clients are offered Anti-retroviral therapy whether their CD4 count is high or low.

Evening Clinic

The Evening Clinic was started to order to increase access to care, assist in retaining clients in care, decrease waiting time and to accommodate clients who may otherwise have challenges keeping appointments during the traditional clinic hours.

A full suite of services are offered in the Evening Clinic and the initiative has seen a greater retention in care. To attend the Evening clinic, you are asked to arrive between 3pm- 6pm, Mondays to Thursdays.

Adolescent Clinic

The monthly Adolescent Clinic provides holistic service, in a youth friendly space, to young persons aged 16 years and older, who are HIV positive. Services are designed to address physical, social and psychological needs as well as to offer sexual & reproductive health counselling.

Additionally, clients are engaged in activities to enhance life skills, and also to promote improved coping techniques as they navigate early adulthood while maintaining adherence to Anti-retrovirals and maintaining their health status.

Men’s Clinic

The monthly Men’s Clinic is designed to provide a comprehensive package of health services to HIV infected males. Services include a general medical assessment (including B/P checks, blood glucose monitoring and cholesterol monitoring), prostate health, STI screening, psycho-social support, counselling and partner testing.

Peer support is available at the clinics, and the Men’s clinic is designed to be dynamic and therefore responsive to clients needs and as a result, new services/programs will be undertaken accordingly. Client education is provided in order to develop greater empowerment and capacity building among the clients of this clinic.

Prison Clinic

The monthly Prison Clinic was started in January 2018 with the aim of providing HIV treatment and care to HIV infected individuals who are currently incarcerated at any/all of the country’s prisons. Facilitated at the Maximum Security Prison, prisoners have access to care, counselling, pharmaceutical and laboratory services and are seen monthly by a doctor, nurse and Medical Social Worker from the MRFTT.

Anti-retroviral therapy is initiated in prison and clients have a post-incarceration plan which provides for follow up upon release from the prison, in order to have continuity of care and maintain adherence to Anti-retroviral treatment.

Vaccines Programme

The Vaccine Programme was started in order to promote wellness and prevent illness through the provision of on-site vaccination at the MRFTT. In collaboration with the Vaccination Unit at the Ministry of Health, the program adheres to the Ministry’s strict guidelines.

Available to all the clinics, the vaccination program has been combined with educational material and therefore clients are better informed as they understand the relevance to their health. Currently, the HPV, Hepatitis B, Pneumovax and Flu vaccines are available and interested clients can discuss with the Vaccine Nurse on the designated days/times. Check current clinic calendar